Frequently askes questions

As a BiBiB & Co® fan you can create a wish list on our website .
This is not an order, but a request to receive a quote or a answer on your questions about the selected products.
After having composed your wish list you can sent the whislist by e-mail to the nearest dealer.
The dealer will give you a detailed quote or reply as soon as possible. Very convenient, isn't it?


To make it easy for you as a visitor, we have added a handy dealer locator to our site. Via the link "dealers" in the menu you can find stores in your area by country or postal code.
Of each dealer you can find a detailed data sheet with the address information, logo, opening hours and contact details.
You can`t find a dealer?
Fill in the contact form with your question and we will send you as soon as possible an email with the requested data.

We are always pleased that our products are fiercely coveted by our fans and many years after this date. At the same time our designers have a lot of new ideas. In order to make place for new collections we take over time a product out of stock. With a little luck, you might find your favotiete BiBiB & Co® product at one of the many gift shops, interior shop or better toy shop in your neighbourhood.

Or send us a message under the heading "SOS BiBiB & Co Hug". We might have one last piece somewhere! Good luck!
Yes, we make indeed special products according to your wishes, or produce products for third parties under private label.
Keep in mind, however, that such a trajectory and development takes a lot of time anyway. Note six-months.
For more details do not hesitate to contact Us.
The BiBiB & Co®         product managers and designers are very interested what animals our fans miss in our collection or what they want to see again. If your favourite is not (or no longer) in our current BiBiB & Co® Collection, then click on "contact" on our home page and write us! We will transfer your request to our designers. Maybe you'll find your favorite animal soon at one of our BiBiB & Co® dealers!
Unfortunately we currently do not have consumer brochures that give a complete overview of our collection.
Look what your dealer near you can offer! You know that you can find photos of all our products on our website and can even enlarge them!
BiBiB & Co® takes safety very seriously! Therefore, before they are launched on the market, all the BiBiB & Co® products pass the testing according to the strictest European standards and this according to the Standard EN71.
Even the products within our "Trophy's Collection", who do not fall under the heading of "toys" but are decoration, and are not required by law to pass this test, endure the same stringent testing.

BiBiB & Co® bears social responsibility very high priority. BiBiB & Co® produces only under the strict standards according to the "ICTI code of Business Practices" and our "Code of conduct" needs to be accepted. It is examined whether the strict conditions are respected, such as:
  • Work Hours
  • Wage
  • Child Labour
  • Discrimination
  • Staff Facilities
  • Fire Safety
  • Environment
  • Health and safety
  • ...

BiBiB & Co ® also supports local projects which contribute to the sustainability of our world.

If you don't find an answer to your question in our FAQ's, please contact us.


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